War and Pea€e.

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20 x 24"

War and Pea€e. is a performance documentation, this is a photo from the preformance in 2016. Photos are by Sehii Vaganov, with support of Art Center “TU” and Diana Berg. Olga Lebedeva took part in the performance. Maria Kuliskova studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv and at the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, before becoming a painter, architect, performer, researcher, and curator. Her works and performances have been presented throughout Europe. She is a winner and finalist of international competitions and well-known for her 2014 performance wearing a Ukrainian flag at the Saint Petersburg’s Manifesta to protest Russia’s annexation of Crimea. She also performed Raft Crimea, rafting along the Dnipro River without food supplies to draw attention to the people who were left without home and homeland after the annexation of Crimea. In 2015, she established The Flowers of Democracy, a feminist art collective and a platform for cooperation. In spring 2017, she founded a non-governmental international cultural platform called the School of Political Performance.